Recently, the whole country is in a certain mood. Rallying mood. But not everyone is not having the same feeling about it.

Among the masses, there are still remnants of the first Bersih edition, which means they will support Bersih yet again. Some newbies are attracted to it. Others just feel that rallying is not a solution. The remaining ones are the pathetic people influenced by controlled-mass media and propaganda.

The government, well, let say they are paranoid after the first gathering in 2007. They cannot meet their demands, and hence view Bersih 2.0 an enemy to them, a threat. But they cannot afford to have an extra enemy, with their hands full when dealing with Pakatan Rakyat.

Pakatan Rakyat on the other hand, would probably wanted to become the hero of the people and justice and other things along with it, so they give their support to Bersih. (Well, I use the word “probably” because maybe they really mean it to demand electoral reform.)

The government sees this as an opportunity to strike and use their resources to the fullest. They are now linking Bersih with the opposition, and claiming that Bersih has its political agenda and it’s not really an NGO that is truly “clean”. On the other hand, the police are taking various actions-arresting people associated with the yellow T-shirt, or with the event, as if they are terrorists or national threats.

I don’t see why holding Bersih holding its rally is wrong, since PERKASA which against the norms of society can have their rallies, since the Bumiputera organisation in Pulau Pinang that hold the rally today which obstruct traffic is not arrested nor any actions taken upon it.

Let’s say if the tables turned, and BN is the opposition, I’m pretty sure they would oppose PR just like how PR oppose BN, which also includes joining Bersih if PR didn’t conduct any electoral reform.

That’s of course, is quite hypothetical.

But a way in another, the Bersih rally does not violate the constitution; the arresting and inappropriate actions taken by the authorities is quite unconstitutional, as the  Article 10, Clause 1 Paragraph b states: “all citizens have the right to assemble peaceably and without arms”. I don’t see any Bersih protesters holding rifles or shotguns.

Bottomline: Government shouldn’t view it as something wrong. No one knows how long does the dominance would stay.