Love’s Reminder
By : Lim Li Anne

To them, you were the gentle moon that caressed the land
With its silvery glow glinting off the sand
To them, you were the majestic sun that hung in the sky
That casted shining rays and brought things to life.

To me, you were nothing but a mere apparition
Or a twisted smother of fiction
Sent from hell to torment, to lie, to send palpable waves of despair
I told myself, strictly, firmly, to beware.

But then you began to show me the world
With you being staggeringly bold
Resistance was futile ; previously I would have run
But now I admit that was how it humbly begun.

A lost being would always be lost without one’s guidance
And it takes more than willpower to break the lost one’s resistance
You led me out of the dark, and I realized I had misjudged you
For you were more than what I expected, a being who was never a fool.

The seasons flew, the stars blinked their last
Reality struck me, a pole that swung too fast
The barrier had been shattered, the last secrets revealed
How exquisite you were, a being I could never deceive!

Looking back at the beginning, I realized that they had misjudged you too
For you were much more than just the sun and the moon
You were the never-ending music that flowed in my veins
Strength that never yielded,  courage that never faded.

Gestures of affection, though exchanged
Led only to efforts that were in vain
Your love for everything was just too great
What person would I be if I were to deny you your fate?

The answer is clear, it matters not now
The things I can love are unlimited, and with that I shall not frown
You were the light that guided me, and out of treacherous roads
You taught me how to fill the world, with resplendent rainbows.

My life is spread out before me, a shining plane of brilliance
As you inspired me, I too shall inspire others
And with my hopes, my dreams, I shall walk the path I desire
And though you would walk differently, I would always remember

The person who made a difference, the person who cared
Perhaps we would be together someday, snuggled in a lair
However, for now, let me give you a toast
To one of the most inspiring person I have ever met, a true friend I can boast.