A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on. Ideas have endurance without death. – John F. Kennedy

(They use the word Howdy to greet us in WordPress.)

Howdy! Behold, the new online publication, consisting writings of various young authors on various topic and subject, be it literature works, or factual essays.

Now, you may wonder: why thefourlobes? Why not something else?

Here’s how the term “thefourlobes” got inspired:

It was Fourth of May that the first ever printed publication of a series of compositions by four people was published. (Well, to be honest, it’s just photocopies of the essays handed in as an English assignment.) There were four photocopies, with three of them given to subscribers. It cost four ringgit and fourty cents to photocopy (with my sister’s geography textbook photocopy). So yeah, the four comes from here. (Besides, it sounded like the word ‘fore’.)

And yes, the brain has four lobes (excluding the cerebellum, which also have lobes too).

Okay, be serious. Why lobes, why not four seasons, four noble truths, four heavenly kings, four great elements etc.?

Well, my explanation: The brain is the central nervous system, the brain governs our conscious actions, the brain interprets senses and produces nerve impulses to enable response. (So much for the biology I studied.)

We have feelings and emotions, and at the same time we have senses to conduct observations on the surroundings, and deduce reactions or thoughts. The brain is where both parts meet, where both situations can be produced, and where we can convert these thoughts and feelings or emotions into words.

(For your information, the frontal lobe governs conscious thought (which means  to differentiate between good and bad and so on); the parietal lobe integrates sensory informations; the occipital lobe contains the primary visual cortex and is where dreams come from; the temporal lobe involved in auditory perception and forms long-term memory.)

Our tagline is: Celebrating Ideas, Exploring Perspectives, and we strive (or try) to achieve that through the articles and compositions.

Unfortunately, this is not a periodical online publication, which means articles will be post if there are articles to post. But do subscribe to our feed or put our website into a reader to follow up to any post.

Last words… enjoy reading!