Early morning poured heavenly sprinkles
that reminded me of eyes that twinkle
and a face free from worrying wrinkles,
and wakes me from slumber like Rip Van Winkle.

Daylight soon shined cloudy skies to white
and accompanied the chill air to form a blight;
Upon this gloomy day I scribble to write
hoping you that everything is alright.

Alas, outside the window, all is grey,
and it’s the truth no matter how I say:
That you’re a quarter of an Earth (circumference) away,
From where my pen will finally lay.

Still, I shall subside any tears [This doesn’t sound like me]
and all foolish longings will clear;
There’s nothing for us to miss or fear,
for what remains will only be prayers and cheers.

Fly, my friend! Fly high!
Fly towards the vast, distant sky!
Fly away from worries and sigh
and to a place that’s high and dry.

Whether it’s by chance or design,
I thank you for being a friend of mine;
If we meet again, by means of divine,
I hope we still remembered each other for a dine. [LOL]

Though the vast distance of land and sea,
Or the high degree where you may be;
I hope you can hear clearly from me
the words-Happy Eighteenth Birthday, Ng Tze Gee!