by Lim Li Anne

Leaves crunch as heeled-boots trod over in careless steps
Wincing as cold autumn wind whirls past like a slap
Gripping candy boxes, popping pink ones for a bite,
Smiling casually with a pen, for away from home I write

Fingers digging deeper into hand-knitted sweaters
Hurtling past frigid raindrops in a rush of patter
Away from home I write, pen poised so solemnly
To those who miss my presence ever dearly

Inviting words so casually reaching out for me
The foreign ones who decided I was their friend to be
Away from home I write, watching past memories soar by
While stars splay themselves in the darkness of Night’s sky

Bouncing off trampolines, Easter-egg hunting
Grinning as childlike feelings begin resurfacing
Away from home I write, knowing that the present will turn into a memory
Listening faintly as summer leaves behind a nostalgic melody

Away from home I write, knowing that there will never be regrets
For all that exists is hope to correct past mishaps
Life is colourful here with blues, reds, gold and greys
Certainty exists that New Zealand shall guide along winding paths of fate