No, it’s not the end of the world, yet.

Howdy! Warmest greetings from thefourlobes, the free online publication that went online last May. And speaking of which-May is one month away, which means exactly one month from now, thefourlobes will be celebrating its First (ever) Anniversary!

Let’s recall what happened in our inaugural year of 2011 (known as thefourlobes 2011). We started out as something supplementary (which is still IS now) to our monotonous daily lives, where the idea of setting up thefourlobes was conceived with the publication of 4 articles by 4 people. (Read About thefourlobes at It was rather well received, considering average online users are either sticking to Facebook, games or 9gag-similar sites. We had contributors sending in works, apart from works from the editors.

Still, we stick to the idea of not having periodical posts, as there are commitment issues to be addressed and resolved in order to implement that. But what we have shaped was this weird period that spans out from May to July (there were no works posted up before May nor after July), which is now considered a season of writing-thefourlobes Season.

This year, we would be fiddling around the same concept-May to July; not periodical; welcoming any works (as long as it is within appropriate range of any elements). And with thefourlobes 2012, a new theme is born: Reaching Minds, Enriching Lives that is parallel to the founding tagline “Celebrating Ideas, Broadening Perspectives”.

And like last year, we will not be setting up advertisements, nor making any profits, nor seeking any fame. Like a volunteer work, it’s the passion and enthusiasm that drives all of us in thefourlobes to write and share to the world. And we are not expecting high volume of viewership nor contributions as the literary scene in Malaysia is not encouraging, and many online users would rather spend time with social networking sites or games than to pen down their thoughts or read up articles. The satisfaction drives from occasional visits from random readers or visitors. Getting a comment is a bonus.

On May 4, 2012,  which is also the 1 year anniversary of the four printed articles that founded thefourlobes, we will be launching thefourlobes 2012 officially. In line with the new theme, we will not only welcome any works from anyone, but also gather works that hopefully enrich people’s lives. And the initiative started on 20 March, where a few people are invited to write about their lives for the launch of thefourlobes 2012. And most definitely, we would like to call out to you to submit works from any form (be it poem, short stories etc.) of any topic (as long as it fits the society norm)-just write and email to us at

Last words, I would like to thank to you all for the continuing support of thefourlobes 2011, and may thefourlobes 2012 be a successful one.