Love, can be heaven on earth, but it can hurt like hell; they had the perfect love story, that could make the movies jealous, until…

It was a bright and sunny Sunday with a scheduled 10am Sunday morning jog, where she would be basking in the warm rays of the morning sun, with heat waves radiating beneath the sheath of glorious yellow light glistening droplets of perspiration trickled down her spine as she jogged her way through St. Evans Park and that was the moment where she met him.

Sitting by the curb of the jogging track, screaming away the agony of pain that was painted across his face as he tugged tightly to his well swollen ankle, he gripped his fist onto the ground so tightly that his knuckles turned white. In his mind, he was thinking to himself, it was a Sunday. What on good heaven’s sake was he doing in St. Evans Park, trailing along to fit couples pacing their way down the track, trying to chase after them as if a hound was attempting to get to the postman’s tail. It’s Sunday – SUNDAY!! It is the day of recreation and relaxation, an opportunity to escape the grindstone of work. He could have gone to play tennis with his budd or golfing with his clients. But he was now grunting away in pain until he met her.

All the pain in him instantly subsided as he saw he pacing her way sown the track, deep inside him, he probably was drooling away, almost salivating. When she saw him, no other words needed to be said, but she immediately helped him towards a nearby bench. Obviously, she couldn’t help him all by herself, so she called for help. Before emergency arrived, she chalked up conversation with him and in that prickly situation “Hi, I’m Emma”. “Hey! Ivan, pleasure. Thanks by the way.” And with that blink of an eye, conversation grew, budding from that park bench, into the ambulance, to the ER. She waited for him that whole afternoon at the ER, followed by that trip, she drove him back to his townhouse opposite St. Evans Park as his ankle as swollen as though it suffered some intense bee attack. That goodbye, made him realize who he had met, he didn’t just met her, he met HER.

As how we would like to put it, that jump start Phase 1 – the hello. It wasn’t long before he realized that Phase 1 only lasted at that stark moment and it would have to be up to him to determine the beginning of Phase 2 – the chase. Almost everyday, or maybe just every weekend where he soon knew of her scheduled 10am Sunday morning jogs, he would he having a constant monologue being spoken in his mind, trying to cook up a story or just a random conversation to show his gratitude for helping him that particular Sunday afternoon.

Trailing her like a lost puppy locating its owner, he managed to grab her attention and asking her for dinner. Well, dinner was declined but a number was exchanged. He stared at that long awaited 10-digit phone number like it was some rare gemstone. By the third day, he gathered everything he had in him and go t the guts to finally ring that number, not long after. It was Phase 3 – the romance.

Throughout their dating lives were lovey-dovey moments all the time. But they were adrenaline junkies and ridiculous romantics at heart. Dates normally go around mountain climbing, scuba diving, bungee jumping, parasailing, you get the picture. Along with meals at the peak of the hills watching the russet rose sunset, supper with the stars, being the astronomy freak Ivan was, Emma will try to impress him by saying the moon is The Big Dipper, laughs & giggles would fill the atmosphere, breakfast with the company of the glistening sunrise. They being the first ones to greet the rising horizon will take second to nothing compared to dining at Tavern on the Green in New York. As he said : “our love travels the tallest mountains, conquers the deepest seas and walk the furthest lands.”

But as months pass by and years came along, when hiking and jogging became nothing more than routine exercise and both of them just started to get bored and soon. Phase 4 – settling down entered their lives and started its own chapter in their book of love.

Emma soon moved into Ivan’s townhouse and both of them have their daily commitments. Since Emma job requires her to work a late shift, she makes breakfast and he has a nine-to-five work regime so he does dinner. Both meals is to be eaten alone, savoring loneliness deep within the toffee infused sweetness from her crème caramel and the hints of deep sea anchovy saltiness of his Mies en Plas before roasting his whole chicken fillet along with the citrusy tinge of fresh greens to their taste buds without their destined half.

All this while, Ivan knew someway or another, at this Phase of life, it is a crossroad between settling down, getting married and staring a family or breaking up and live their separate lives all over again. But, he had no intention other than grow old together with Emma. He’d constantly come home late as he would be traveling miles and miles to her hometown for her parent’s blessings for her hand in marriage. Engagement rings were made and secret meetings were arranged with her bestfriends and family to plan for the moment of their lives. But, little did she know…….

February the tenth, the day to be tattooed forever in her heart, marked their 5th anniversary together. They would normally have their weekly Sunday jogs at St. Evans Park, but instead he told her to go ahead jogging earlier, he distracted her with excuses such as problems with his bowel and misplacing his jogging shoes. But behind those ever so deceiving hazel eyes, he was instead dressing up like a 5year old playing with her Barbie doll with the aid of his and her parents, their close friends and family, all sharing that joyous moment with them. But she didn’t know, on that very day would be a concoction of Phase 5 and Phase 6.

Just when the clock struck 10am, the moment which symbolized the moment she bumped into him 5 years back in history, he graciously stepped out from his townhouse in preparation for that moment. As he made his way across the street, most probably feeling nauseated and light headed from the thought of that 2carat princess cut diamond ring slipping into her long finger….

On the other hand, while she was making the second turn around the corner, she was contemplating his decision while droplets of perspiration further confused her sane mind on whether on their fifth anniversary, he might have completely forgotten about it or even to the extent of ending their 5 year courtship.

But soon enough,

“ BANG !! ”

“ clink…clink…clink…”

These two sounds, combined together at that very moment along with the combination of her scattered and fuzzy thoughts of their future together, aggrandized with glass shattering screams by St. Evans Street, was more than enough to send Emma walking down , or she was jogging, no maybe she was running, alright more of pacing down the pavement to soon realize that the sight before her was a grown man fully suited up, faced down on the tarmac road, almost as if he was floating in a pool of what resembles blood…

‘ man . face down . suit . lying on road . blood pool . crash . RING ’

All these flashed through her mind exceeding the speed of light and soon realizing that her family, her in-laws, her friends were all standing by the foot of their shared townhouse, gapping and had petrified painted all over their faces top what they had just witnessed. Soon, it had hit her, and it hit her hard as tears replaced perspiration soon glided down her peach blushed cheeks, still warm from the jogging has now turn fiery hot, her knees soon fell to the ground as her knuckles covered her face, refusing to accept the fact that it might just be Ivan lying face down on the asphalt road, she made her way, almost crawling towards the man.

It took everything she had to turn his face towards her , every little ounce of courage in her, that string of hope. It was then…Stage 6 – goodbye. No words could come close to describe the feelings running through her hazy mind.

Paramedics, police and passer-by were all there to either witness or provide aid to the tale of a tragic crash or the ending of a love story that would bring romantics to tears. Soon the paramedics rushed him onto a stretcher onto the tiny narrow area in a four-wheeled vehicle, with the sirens up the ambulance made it’s way towards Emergency & Rescue.

The journey was dreadful, by the seconds, Emma could feel every cell in her body was slowly dying away of sorrow, she felt her heart break and crumble into fine powder, as she knew deep down, she was trying to console herself that the truth had been told, written into their chapter of life that it could be the last time she would ever see him again. Faint beeping sounds of his heartbeat was all it took for her to keep her hopes high enough to delude the fact that he’d soon be gone.

As soon as the hospital was in sight, her heart had sunk, till she saw he had his eyes squinted for a taint second. Opportunity in hand, he murmured a few words..


before she could respond, it ended with an

“ i……loveeeee…….y….”

These few words, left hanging, were faint enough with only the heart capable of hearing.

It was then, Phase 6 came to an end, the end to their chapter of life, their story be told. Their first and last dates might be destined to be in an ER. She knew at that instant, even though it was a goodbye never said but “once you start loving someone, you never stop; because it was he who taught me how to love, but now how to stop.” As she gave him one last hug, one last kiss, one last goodbye.

It was written in her journal, read at his funeral, ending her eulogy.
She said:

“I knew looking back at tears will make me laugh; but
I never knew looking back at laughs will bring me to tears.
I’m so glad we had each other in our live cause I know no matter what we’ll
make it through and always have a tomorrow together.
even though now I’ll have to finish this journey alone, but with you forever in my
heart, as in my heart is where you’ll live and I’ll keep waiting till we meet’’

From that moment on, it was the beginning to the end of their love story, told from the heart, as she said hello to goodbye.