by SETEC, a reader of The Malaysian Insider, currently living in Adelaide, Australia.

MAY 18 — My primary reasons are different from that of most migrants from Malaysia:

1) English as the fist language — I believe English is the language for all; I do not believe in multi-lingualism, e.g. learning Chinese, Tamil, etc.

I think this idea is not anti-nationalistic. For example, English is the first language in non Caucasian-majority countries like Singapore, Zimbabwe, etc.

2) One schooling system — a good majority of people in Malaysia are racists by supporting vernacular and religious schools. Chinese go to Chinese schools, Indians attend Tamil schools, Malays get education at religious schools, and the rest end up in government national schools.

I’m a product of government national schools; however, I’d only support government national schools if all lessons are in English (pre 1971).

3) Conservatism (cultures and Islamic) — the majority of people (and the government) are religious/conservative which inhibit freedom of expression and thus suppress a culture of openness/innovation.

4) Social injustices — a needs-based system is the way to go. The government must end racial quotas and policies once and for all.

5) Higher wages.

6) Better quality of life.