As we have told you in our very first post, this (thefourlobes) is not a periodical publication, and we publish as soon as we receive works or we have works to publish. And recently, we have a publishing ‘block’, after a very vigorous first week since this is launched.

So, do not be surprised if this website gone stale for weeks to months, especially the days leading to the Malaysian Certificate of Education examinations, or commonly known as SPM.

However, we strive to serve our beloved readers as good as possible with publications, but do bear in mind that this is limited by the available works factor.

Hereby, I plead to you all to submit any works, ranging from short stories, to articles or viewpoints, to poems and rhymes, and even drama. Do send in your submissions to and get published (as long as your works are subjected to the norms of society and contains no elements of obsessive violence or sexual scenes and innuendos).

Until then (and always), upholding the tagline “Celebrating Ideas, Exploring Perspectives” will be our utmost priority.