thefourlobes is glad and proud to received it’s first work from a contributing writer! Without further ado, thefourlobes presents, The Poem for Tonight by anon.

The Poem for Tonight

Under the dark curtains of the night
Where the mundane children of the light
Were tired and filled with appetite
But the haunting children of the night
Through the darkened sky had taken flight

Under the stygian cloak of the night
Slumber fluttered gracefully light
Careful to avoid candles so bright
Whispered to children deep in sleep quite
Reciting the poem for tonight

Under the deathly veils of the night
Hypnos flows subtlely into sight
Meadows of flowers dance in delight
A malevolent horse full of fright
Dreams are but dreams of an abstract site

Under the somber wings of the night
The children drifts on in Nyx’s might
As Age continues his solemn plight
And man continues their futile fight
Under the heartless gaze of twilight