The second work published, “Love’s Reminder” received some positive response, which marks a good sign for this site.

For the next few days, thefourlobes will present to you the first published publication of thefourlobes subscription, which is the “The Moment I Have Been Waiting For” series. Enjoy.



Wearing my pristine white dress, a glass of wine in my hand, I closed my eyes, savouring all that is happening and revolving around me. My heart was content. All the years of sweat and tears finally paid off. Being in this very simple room, around the crowd of people, I was filled with joy that I myself could not comprehend. Notwithstanding the fact that I was once shunned, rejected, criticise or made a fool of, I finally made it. Together with my crew, I manage to clime the ladder of success.

All of a sudden, the lights dimmed. Intakes of breath could be heard, it was time. The time the truth will finally be unveiled. Looking at the creamy yellow envelope in the long hands of the master of ceremony. My heart started pounding. As he slowly opened the envelope, sweat tickled down my forehead. His careful and snail-like movement raised anticipation, excitement as well as trepidation in every single one of us. When the results finally emerged, silence fell. The sudden pitch made by the microphone reverberated throughout the room. I swallowed hard as the emcee slowly reached for the microphone. I closed my eyes again, silently praying to God.

As if God had answered my prayers, the emcee announced my name. I could not believe my ears. Tears swelled in my eyes. The spotlights are on me now. It’s my time to shine. My have finally been discovered. I am no longer the amateur that most regarded me as, fearful, timid. Now I stand before them, tall and proud. A woman who is filled with pride and joy of her work. I  am no longer the amateur that most regarded me as, fearful, timid. Now, I stand before them, tall and proud. A woman is filled with pride and joy of her work. I placed my glass on the table. Slowly, with my hands and legs slightly trembling, I stood up. I gave a bent to the audience. “Please, Miss Lim. The stage is yours,” said the host for tonight. I gave a slight nod of comprehension. Clutching tightly on the hem, I took a deep breath. With careful and precise movement, I walked towards the stage.

Feeling all eyes on me, I smiled. There was nothing to be afraid of, I have earned it. Elated, I went towards the emcee with slow strides. Clutching the award in my hands, I pondered for a brief moment. I had no clue in what to say. Images of my past flashed through my mind. My parents, my friends, my rivals, my companions… these are the people who made me who I am today. I had so much to say, I wanted to pour out till my heart is content. Yet, I know better to do so.

Sniffing and blinking back tears, I tried to control my overwhelming emotions. Control, that was what he taught me. Never let your feelings cloud your judgements, he always say. How could I ever forget? Thanks to him, I made it here. Reaching out my hand for the microphone, I gave the audience a brilliant smile. I will thank them later, I will do it personally. I will give them what they should deserve, a real thanks. The emcee broke the silence, “Is there anything you wish to say?” I focused on the audience, gave a ninety degree bow and said “thank you”.

Silence continue enveloping me, panicked began to rise. Standing here, on this stage, I felt lost. I looked down at my feet, my good mood rapidly deteriorated. I wanted to cry, hide in a hole. Without any warning, one stood and clapped. Slowly as if the audience have followed his pace, another stood and clapped. Soon, the audience gave me a standing ovation.

Yes, this is it. All I have ever dreamt of. All my fantasies becoming a reality. I looked up. My heart filled with the upmost joy. This is it. This is the moment I have been waiting for.