Now, before going into the work, let me explain about the categories:

Frontal Lobe: Posts regarding emotions and feelings
Parietal Lobe: Posts regarding observations and opinions
Occipital Lobe: Fictional posts/Posts about future
Temporal Lobe:  Posts regarding past events
Cerebellum: Posts by readers

This post, I would classify it as both Frontal Lobe and Parietal Lobe. Enjoy.

(An untitled piece about love)
-by Lionel Lee Chia Pu 

I saw your face,
absorbing in all the features,
the minute details that other people just couldn’t care,
slowly, gently,
my affections for you grow steadily,
like a train of hope heading to your heart,
hoping to reach the station of desire,
my timid, small heart fills up with love,
rapidly overflowing past the brim
pounding with excitement in an intensity unrecorded,
blessing me courage to go to the distance,
to win your golden heart,
to be mine forever.

is vast and omnipresent,
giving people untold joy,
from the small, faint heartbeat of an ant,
to the majestic, steady heartbeat of a whale,
each have emitted light of unparallel radiance,
to that special someone,
bringing more happiness to this extraordinary world,
giving more purpose to live to the fullest everyday.

took my breath away,
leaving me dumbfounded,
like the only sunflower swaying in the gentle wind,
among the common plains,
shining in my time of darkness,
always there when I am down in the doldrums,
lifeting me up to reality,
guiding me, nurturing me,
to be more than someone,
I am starstruck,
what a friend you are,
never knowing my feelings to you,
pangs of doubt and fear gnawed at my heart,
will you only be my friend through eternity, or
that special soulmate,
my heart is torn into two,
but I know for sure